We are looking for

10 people

ready to join our Open Mentoring Pilot


Open Mentoring is a new way to enrich your mentoring experience.

We obsess about finding your best advice as fast as possible. That is why we record our mentoring sessions and make them public for your benefit and others.

Some of the benefits you will experience are:

  1. Learn faster from others with a similar journey and experiences

  2. Access the Open Mentoring community

  3. You get the help you need by helping others at the same time


Looking for



The Open Mentoring Pilot is ideal for someone who is:

  1. Preparing to move to Canada: Someone who has received their paperwork and has a legal status to work in Canada and is preparing to immigrate to Canada.
  2. Looking to land their first dream job: Someone who recently landed and is working in survival jobs and is significantly underemployed.
  3. Looking for career progression: Someone who already is working in their profession and is looking for the next level.

Ready to Join us?

More details about the pilot:

Duration: 3-4 months

Frequency of session: Biweekly (Most popular)

Length of the sessions: 30 to 45 min

Language of the session: English

Modality: 1 on 1 (but it could change to group mentoring if there is more value/benefits for you)

Mentor: Miguel Abascal (Below is more information)

Recordings: The sessions will be uploaded to Youtube/Vimeo publicly

Scope of Mentoring: Career mentoring covers Networking, Job Search, Strategy, Personal Brand, etc. (If interested in other types of mentoring such as settlement, we can refer you to our community partners)

The common denominator of successful candidates: Open to experience new things, willing to learn, hunger for an opportunity or for things to change, actively looking for their next step and ready to take massive action.


Miguel Abascal

Mentoring Addict

Coming to Canada was always my dream and in 2010 it became a reality. My dream quickly transformed into a nightmare when I couldn’t land a job in my profession and started a long journey of survival jobs for my first five years.

Back home, I was a CEO of a coffee company travelling the world promoting coffee. My first job in Canada was as a coffee server at Tim Hortons. Over the years, I worked at restaurants, construction, cleaning, and many others, which crashed my confidence.

I understand the difficulties and the massive effort of starting a new life in a new country. I discovered the power of Mentoring five years after I landed in Canada. Five years too late, if you ask me, because after that everything changed.

I became a mentoring addict and my career exploded with multiple promotions (many without looking for them) and finally working in my field and at my skill level. Not only I'm not underemployed anymore. I'm now living my true Canadian dream.

I founded UnstoppableMe.rocks and OpenMentoring.VIP to help people access the power and potential of mentoring. It is my vision to help people reduce those unnecessary 5 years of hardships. What if instead of 5 years we could bring it down to at most 5 months, 5 weeks or even 5 days?

With Open Mentoring I think is possible!